Thursday, 31 January 2013

Lenten Activities Announced!

Friday 8th February
Youth Lenten Retreat           5PM
Celebrant - Fr Jason

Tuesday 26th February
Lenten Healing Service         6PM
Celebrant - Fr Ian Taylor

Sunday 17th March          
Parochial Feast Day Celebrations          9AM - 5PM
Cheif Celebrant - Most Rev. Joseph E. Harris, Archbishop of Port of Spain

Tuesday 19th March
Feast of Saint Joseph, Parish Lenten Retreat        6PM
Holy Mass and Sermon
Celebrant - Fr Jason

Wednesday 20th March    
Parish Lenten Retreat          12PM and 6PM
Holy Mass and Sermon
Celebrant - Fr Jason               

Thursday 21st March        
Parish Lenten Retreat          12PM and 6PM
Holy Mass and Sermon
Celebrant - Fr Jason              
Friday 22nd March            
Stations of the Cross Devotions on Calvary Hill           5:30PM
Celebrant - Deacon Jeffrey

Parish Penitential Service          6:30PM
Celebrant - Fr Karol OP     

Healing Service & Stations of the Cross Schedule

Mark your Calendars!
St. Joseph & Mt.D'or will be hosting a Lenten Healing Service.
Featuring two Dynamic Speakers; Keith Patrick & Fr. Ian Taylor.

On Tuesday February 26th at 6PM in St. Joseph RC Church.

Come claim your Healing! Be Renewed! Be Equipped!


Every Friday during Lent, come join us as we Journey with Christ during his Passion as we conduct the Stations of the Cross at 6PM on Calvary Hill.

There will be NO 6PM Mass during the Fridays of Lent!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Parish Lenten Activities

The Season of Lent is Fast Approaching and here's a list of some of the Activities the Parish has planned:

- Stations of the Cross 
- Parish Lenten Retreat
- Lenten Healing Service
- Youth Lenten Retreat
- Parish Feast Day

Additional information will be released in the coming weeks!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A Word from the Members of the Women's Ministry, Mt. D'or!

The Women’s Ministry enjoyed another year with a variation of spiritual growth.  Guest speakers included Mrs. Wendy Patrick, Eternal Light Community members, healing service done by the St Michael Prayer team, Mother’s Day Image improvement with a manicure and pedicure given free of charge to the women in addition to a sharing after Mass.  The men were not left out as they were invited for Father’s Day on the forecourt to dine and mingle to a tasty meal and a fantastic ambiance.  The rest of the community enjoyed their sharing in the Chapel.  We ended the year with a Christmas dinner at the St Joseph Parish Hall.

We begin this year with a bang as two members from the People of Praise Prayer Group of Arima will impart their spiritual knowledge on Sunday January 27th from 4p.m. to 5.30p.m.  As usual we will end the session with fellowship in the form of a sharing.  All women are invited to the St Jude’s Chapel, Mt D’Or Road, Champs Fleurs (i.e. the street with WITCO).  Remember to walk with your Bibles.  We look forward to welcoming you.

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Upcoming Feast of St. Joseph

The Feast of St. Joseph will be celebrated on Sunday 17th March. Many activities are planned for this grand occasion. Procession with the St. Joseph Statue through streets of St. Joseph, Archbishop Harris will celebrate Mass in the Park, followed with a bring and share picnic after the Mass, entertainment and activities for the whole family and presentations by students of schools in our community. With this in mind we are pre-ordering T-Shirts and Polo Shirts. You will be informed of the cost next weekend, however please leave your contact info and the size and type of shirt, so we can estimate how many shirts to order.

Confirmation This Sunday!

This Sunday morning at 11am the Sacrament of Confirmation will be conferred on 43 young members of our community by Archbishop Harris. All are invited to pray and support our young members as they take this important step in their faith life.