Monday, 26 September 2011

Why be Catholic? - How Baffling You Are Oh Church!

Today we introduce Sr. Gail Jagroop whose reflective pieces will focus on the topic "Why Be Catholic?" We hope you enjoy and contribute your thoughts to these enlightening pieces.

How Baffling You Are Oh Church!

How baffling you are oh Church. And yet how I love you!

How you have made me suffer. And yet how much I owe you!

I should like to see you destroyed. And yet I need your presence.

You have given me so much scandal. And yet you have made me understand

I have seen nothing in the world more devoted to obscurity, more compromised, more false. And I have touched nothing more pure, more generous, more beautiful.

How often I have wanted to shut the doors of my soul in your face. And how often I have prayed to die in the safety of your arms.

No, I cannot free myself form you, because I am you, although not completely. And where should I go?

(Taken from “The God Who Comes” by Carlo Carretto)

For Your Reflection: 
What are your own love/hate feelings about the Catholic Church? Why would you want to leave it? And where would you go? Why do you stay? Share this with us.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

St. Michael's Harvest

Fr. Gerard and St. Michael's R.C. Church 
Invites you to their 
annual harvest on Sunday 2nd October 
at Maracas R.C. School. 
The harvest starts with Mass at 8.00 am and will be celebrated 
by Co-Adjutor Bishop Joseph Harris.
There will be a variety of stalls including Creole, Chinese & Barbecue lunches. We have live Parang, Pan, Tassa & much more fun for the family.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

New Photos added

New photos of TVY's World Youth Day's Experience were added to our flickr account

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

New Announcements

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New Media Added

This a short clip on our Mocejon Experience. Hope you Enjoy. 

Please access our flickr gallery via our photo gallery section to check out some new pictures on TVY's Experience in Spain. The images will be divided according to stay, Torledo, Mocejon & Madrid. Enjoy and look forward for more updates. 

A TVY Experience at WYD 2011 - Part 2

With a bus load of Trini pilgrims heading to unknown territory, you can only imagine the ole talk that was going on, as everyone chatted, anticipating what would happen in the small town that we were all going to. I do not believe that a single person had their eyes closed as we entered what will be one of our most memorable parts of our pilgrimage.

When we arrived we quickly off loaded all our suitcases into a small house.  Then the pilgrims, marched into the town square singing loudly, our football anthem “Ole ole ole, Feeling Hot hot hot.” The boys danced and chipped to the chanting as we brought this Carnival atmosphere into what seemed to be a very quiet town as we announced to Mocejon that the Trinis are here and here to stay for the next five days.

A large round of applause and cheers rang over our chanting as the melody of “Ole” and “Horray” blended like our rum punch and their sangria.  But this is not about the blending of drinks but the infusion of two different cultures. Though we spoke different languages the immediate connection that bonded us at that point only grew stronger and remained with us. 

We were all anxious about who our host families would be for the next couple of days. This anxiety was probably the strongest amougst the boys. Given that Tomorrow’s Vibrant Youth group was being represented by eleven persons. The leaders, Sr. Sandra and Aunty Maureen were very concerned about how the group would be divided as they were responsible should anything happen to the youngsters.  Sister really did not want the boys to be separated from each other and from her and Maureen. There was a brief introduction and welcome by the Mayor before the names were called and the host families announced.

As groups of either two or three Trinidadians were introduced to their new Spanish families, Sr. Sandra must have been wringing her fingers with anticipation as she listened out for any of the boy’s names.  Soon the inevitable happened and the host announced  

Andrew Lall, Chike Hernandez, Larry Seelal,  Ato Benjamin,  Shane Harricharan, Josh Harricharan, Jabari Bajnauth and Jeremy Williams, Sr Sandra Xavier, Maureen Clapperton and Maria Pantin, come up to meet your Host Family.“ Even at this point we did not fully grasped the fact that one family had kindly accepted  to host the entire group.

An echoing “Wow” was heard all over as we approached our host family on the stage, who was incidentally the Major of Mocejon, Senor Placido Martin Barriyuso and his wife Senora Estrella Barriyuso. All of the fears of the group being separated were immediately allayed. TVY came to Spain together and as a family they were to remain together, it was evidently all in God’s plan. We were blessed!  As we mingled with the people we received many kind words about our host family. Some people even congratulated TVY and told us that we were very lucky to have been chosen by the Mayor’s family. TVY did enjoy being the centre of attraction that night!

As we were ushered off stage, we were soon wrapped up in the celebrations as Senor Placi as he is so fondly called formally introduced us to his family and friends as we celebrated our first fiesta since we arrived in Spain. The evening quickly ended with a wonderful display of fireworks.

On entering the Mayor’s home, not a beat was missed. We were greeted by our beds all lined up in two neat rows and bath towels draped over chairs. We stood in awe. Another surprise awaited TVY. Just before retiring to bed the family came into our bedroom, and Mr. Placi brought out his guitar and sang a song welcoming us into his home. This was such a heart-warming night cap!   The night never stopped instead it laced its way into the morning after, where after a bit of sleep a few hours later, we were all up once again to celebrate Holy Mass at the nearby church.

The following day was like a rollercoaster of planned and set events, from Holy Mass to orientation, to catechism. Finally we were allowed to take a break and have lunch with our Host families. The entire five days were well structured to give us a full cultural and spiritual experience in Mocejon.  As interesting and fulfilling as it all was, should I go into detail, this blog will be much longer than intended. Thus the events that captivated TVY both spiritually and culturally will be highlighted.

      Catechism Sessions
The boys were encouraged to pray and participate in the sessions that were allotted to them. This was one example of where the boys were given the chance to fully enter into the spiritual aspect of the pilgrimage. They were asked to reflect on their down falls and question themselves on how they would like to improve on their bad ways or even help others to achieve enlightenment in their own lives. There was also a healing session where youth openly admitted that they needed prayers and support.

The Stations of the Cross
This evening was the beginning of a planned night vigil on The Stations of the Cross.  As TVY marched up the hill with the Trinidad group they kept their focus. They were interested and truly wanted to enter into the serenity of the moment. This is behind a backdrop of lightning that forked through the sky, as if threatening us not to continue the way. The other challenge of this journey was that Jabari had injured his leg days before while playing a football match against Chile. All the boys came together and taking turns they lended their fellow TVY member a shoulder to literally lean on as they carried him up the hill for over four hours.

As the trek into the night proceeded and as rosary beads swung reverently in the hands of the faithful the inevitable happened. The skies opened up and the rains fell. Although there was a bit of excitement, the boys remained calm as if they had already opened up to receive the blessings that were being showered on them. Truly reflecting on it now, it was just that. This shower was God blessing us and preparing us for the numerous, unforgettable challenges we were to face in Madrid. 

Placi’s Family  
They are a special mention in this blog. They are a combination of both a spiritual and cultural experience that we as TVY were most fortunate to witness.  Despite being one of the most prominent families in Mocejon they were the most humble and God fearing people that we met on this pilgrimage. They all worked hard to provide for us, ensuring that we were most comfortable when we were at their home and even after we left their home for Madrid. Mr. Placi and his wife always ensured that the boys were always happy, given that they were far away from their loved ones.

It was most memorable when Sr. Sandra called all of us to prayer and reflection around the dining room table. She asked us what we would most remember about Placi’s family. Aunty Maureen began by sharing on the closeness of the family and how they were eager to welcome us into their home. The boys then shared the following: The first night when the family serenaded us before we went to bed, the visit to their farm, the availability of all the family members, how they were allowed to explore the large surrounding and to play with the games on the compound.  This session was one of the touching moments that we experienced at their home.  They were so happy with us that they wished for us to prolong our stay but unfortunately we were unable to do so.

Soon enough TVY was once more on the road and waving the Town of Mocejon “Goodbye” as we made our way to Madrid to enter the final phase of our World Youth Day Celebrations.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Prayer for vocations

O Lord our God, you sent Saint Dominic to preach the Good News in truth and in love. Send eloquent preachers into your world today to continue the work of evangelization with his fidelity and zeal, through Christ our Lord. Amen
Our Lady, Queen of the Rosary, pray for us.
Saint Dominic, pray for us.

/Tested - very efective prayer. Please join us in prayer for more holy vocations to our beloved Order./


On Monday, 29th of August in St Finbar's Church, Diego Martin there was cause for great celebration. Brother Matthew Martinez made his final religious profession (or using other words: took his final vows - till death). We, the Dominicans from Trinidad are very grateful and happy.

We would like to invite you to pay a visit the blogs listed below which focus on consecration and the promotion of the vocations.

Do not expect that you will find any pure vocational propaganda. These blogs contain a lot news from our own Dominican world (well, only this English - speaking). There are also a some links to other Dominican blogs attached in these blogs. So, by using them, you can travel the virtual world of the Dominican Order and visit our brothers in Dublin, Oxford or even the United States.

You're welcome and enjoy the Dominican tour!

Saint Joseph

Saint Joseph pray for us!