Saturday, 18 February 2012

7th Sunday of the Ordinary Time

7th Sunday of Ordinary Time – February 19th, 2012

1.     We are now in the highest point of our Carnival. Masses on Monday and Tuseday will be at 7 AM. We wish all a lot of good and safe fun.

2.     This Wednesday we celebrate Ash Wednesday – the beginning of Lent. It is a day of penance and fasting which means that abstinence from meat is reqired and only one full meal is allowed (of course this rule does not applay to those those under 14 years old and above 65, or who are sick).

- Distribution of Ashes with Mass at 11.30am and 6.30pm at St. Joseph

- Distribution of Ashes with Eucharistic Service 6.00pm at Mt. D’or

- 30 minutes before every mass there will be an opportunity for confesion.

3.     During the sacred time of Lent we celebrate the Way of the Cross. Every Friday at 6,00 PM on Calvary Hill. This year our youth groups took responsibility to lead us through the passion of our beloved Saviour. We would like to invite you to follow the Christ with us.

4.     Next Saturday, February 25th, Mass for the Sick and Shut-ins will be celebrated at St. Joseph beginning at 10.30 am. This is the first Mass for 2012. Lunch will be provided after Mass.We encourage you to bring elderly members of your family. Also, if you know of any elderly Catholic persons living in your neighbourhood, encourage them to come, or if you want to make this a good gesture for Lent, you can bring them to the Mass.

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