Saturday, 15 June 2013

Father's Day at St. Jude's Chapel, Mt. D'or

This evening, the Fathers of St. Jude’s Chapel, Mt. D’or were treated this time by the women. All of the women of the Chapel came together to do something similar to what the Men did for the Mothers on Mother’s day, only this time the roles were reversed  and the treat was for the Fathers. The men enjoyed an evening of relaxation and community bonding. A lavish Dinner which consisted Channa & Potato, Curried Chicken & Duck, Pumpkin, Curried Mango and Roti was served with a slice of cake and a toast of non-alcoholic wine to compliment the meal.  We graciously thank all the women of the Mt. D’or Community for celebrating the Fathers and the hard work they do daily to reinforce the idea of Stewardship through social gathering. We wish ALL our Fathers of our Parish a Happy Father’s Day!  HERE You can view the photos that were taken during this special evening.

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