Monday, 29 July 2013

Life in the Spirit Seminar - Full Recap!

On Sunday July 28th, the Life in the Spirit Seminar, hosted by the parish's Our Lady of the Rosary Charismatic Prayer Group, culminated with its final talk by the prayer group's leader, Jennifer Edmund which was followed by a dinner. 42 Candidates participated in this Faith-building journey which began in early June and continued every Sunday evening at St. Joseph R.C. Church.

Praise and Worship being sung to open the session during the Life in the Spirit Seminar at St. Joseph R.C. Church.
Photo by: Brent Durham

Speakers from the Charismatic Renewal that made special appearances include Raymond Francis, Marilyn Garcia from Precious Blood Community, Kay Pierre from Santa Rosa Parish and Keith Patrick to name a few, All of whom brought forth the Word of God with conviction and through personal testimonies they also shared how the Holy Spirit transformed their lives.

The Candidates also had the opportunity to attend the Jesus Explosion in Preysal where one Candidate shared her experience as simply an 'Awesome Learning' and was in 'Awe' of the different priests.

To culminate this very special occasion and celebrate the start of this meaningful era in each of their lives, the prayer group presented each candidate with a scroll which included their personal message from God which was brought forth during the Laying on of Hands Session. After the presentation of the scrolls to the Candidates and a powerful Praise and Worship session, the curtains were closed on another Life in the Spirit Seminar (which is usually held on a biennial basis) which was followed by a dinner for the Candidates in the parish hall.

Candidates receive their scrolls from the Prayer Group's Leader, Jennifer Edmund.
Photo by: Brent Durham

St. Joseph Parish's Sacristan, Catherine Sellier being recognized with a token of appreciation from Jennifer Edmund (Prayer Group Leader) for all the assistance that she gave towards this seminar.
Photo by: Brent Durham

One of the Candidates that participated in the Seminar described her journey as 'Fantastic' while another was always encouraged to 'Never miss a session'. Even though the Life in the Spirit Seminar has ended, this is where the journey now starts. Each candidate was encouraged to join a Prayer Group (Charismatic) to fan that Holy Spirit fire into a bigger flame and use the gifts they received for ministry. May God Bless each one  in a very special way.

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