Saturday, 17 May 2014

Parish Notices for the 5th Sunday in Easter

  1. We would like to congratulate our beloved bishop Sydney Charles on the occasion of his 60th Anniversary of the Ordination. We are very proud and happy for him. 
  2. Members of our parish community are all invited to Bishop Sydney Charles’ Diamond Jubilee Mass next Sunday @ 10am. For parishioners who attend the 8.30am Mass, this Mass will be short, so that it will gives us enough time to prepare Altar for the Bishop’s Mass at 10am. (Tomorrow masses will be at 6, 8.30 and 10 AM). 
  3. St. Joseph/Mt.D'or Social Justice team is organizing a lecture to mark Mother’s Day and Fathers' Day on Sunday 8th June, after the 8.30am mass in the parish hall. The topic is, "Parenting Skills," especially in relation to crime, child abuse, and parental abuse that are plaguing society today. The presenter is Ms. Marina Torres, a psychologist and member of the parish community. 
  4. Mark your calendars. Our next synod event is on Sunday 1st June @ 4pm. As we seek to regenerate the Moral and Spiritual Values of our Society we have invited the Preysal Prayer Group to present on the topic: Reverence in Church. It promises to be a very interesting, informative and entertaining presentation. 
Blessings to ALL our parishioners this week! 

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