Monday, 30 June 2014

Farewell to Fr. Karol

Last Evening, the Parish said goodbye to a friend and leader - Fr. Karol. As of Tuesday July 1st, the parish will now be under the leadership of Msgr. Allan Ventour, unfortunately he is not well and we would like to wish him a speedy and comfortable recovery. 

Fr. Karol Wielgosz continued the remarkable tradition which his many predecessors have started and that is building the spiritual lives of his flock through pastoral work in addition to upkeeping and improving the physical standards of both the Mt. D'or Chapel and the main church. 
Many people grew a close relationship with him and looked at him as more than a priest but also as a counselor, a brother and more importantly, a friend. 
The work he did at our parish during his 3-year stay will never go unappreciated. He shared his Polish culture with us and we embraced it but what is even more impressive was how he embraced our 'Trini' culture and played the role of an 'honorary trini' so well. 
One of the many memories we will all cherish was the reverence he showed towards the Consecration of the Eucharist. No matter what season of the liturgical calendar we were celebrating, he would always take the time to beautifully sing the consecration which enhanced our encounter with the Lord. 
To Fr. Karol, we just want to wish you all that is Great! You will always be remembered in all our hearts and prayers. As we bid you farewell, may the Holy Spirit empower you as the next journey of your priestly life begins. God Bless and We Love You!

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