Saturday, 23 August 2014

A Word From the Parish's Social Justice Group

                                CCSJ Recycle Bin Project Update and Notice August 2014

The CCSJ St. Joseph/ Mt. D’Or Parish Group wishes to apologize for the current difficulties with the Recycle Bin Project at the car park. We have been working assiduously to rectify it and will continue to do so with your cooperation. So, please, bear with us.
It is rather very disappointing, unhealthy and discouraging that people in the community find it fit to deliberately and maliciously dump non- recyclable waste, for example, rotten meat, in a recycle bin and in spite of all the notices. The project site at the car park is NOT a garbage dump. It is a collection site for recyclable items: CLEAN GLASS, PLASTICS AND CANS and DRY PAPER AND CARD BOARD.
We wish to encourage you to continue to collect your CLEAN glass, plastics, paper and tin. There are other locations with recycle bins and if you are truly committed to the environment it will not be too much for you to take the items there until we provide bins. These locations are as follows:
The UWI St. Augustine Campus- Plastics
Carib Glass Factory- Glass
Mr. Nicholas Roberts- Tin
Recycle in Motion in Mt. Hope- plastics
The Scout’s Association Headquarters- Glass, Paper, Plastic and Tin
Up to Me Environmental in Barataria Plastics, juice and milk boxes(Tetra packs), Paper and card board. 
And in Santa Cruz (San Antonio Green Market)- Plastics, juice and milk boxes(Tetra packs),
Plastikeep plastic bins in various locations in Port of Spain and environs- Plastics.
Let us continue this very important practice in our homes where we can instil the values of respect for the environment in our children as a family. Do not leave it up to the schools alone.The project will be continued come September in the Parish schools. So please encourage your children to support the project. Recycling is a global concept practised all over the world. It is time T&T gets on board!!!
Thank you….

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