Thursday, 4 June 2015

Official Parish Notice - Communications Ministry

The St. Joseph Parish Community

"A Community Fired for Mission" - Celebrating 200 Years!

Message from the Communications Leg of the Parish


All God's Blessings to each and every one! We are in a year of celebration for our parish community because we are celebrating 200 years of witnessing our Catholic faith as the body of Christ. As such, many events are being held in the parish throughout the year to celebrate our past and look forward to our future. While many activities are planned, the virtual space for the parish will be undergoing a major restructure and what better time to relaunch our virtual platform than now, in our milestone year. As you are all aware, our parish reaches its target audience via the blog spot and the Facebook social media and for the past three (3) years, we have provided photos, faith articles, gospel reflections, video clips and news bulletins to keep you in the know and interested in the happenings of the parish and you all have responded with open arms and because of that, we appreciate your support. 
I am pleased to announce that our new initiative which the Communications Ministry will be launching this year is an official parish website and a newly revamped parish Facebook page (as a Religious/Church Organization page). For the Facebook followers, it will require you to manually log on to the page and 'Like' it and we would appreciate if you can help spread the news. The key words for the new parish facebook page is: St Joseph RC Church. You must type it as it is seen (in italics). Now, please bear in mind that nothing current is posted on the page just yet until the website is fully functional but in the meantime, we would like to rebuild our target audience. Photos, videos clips and bulletins will be included soon.
As I mentioned, a parish website is in the works at this time and this platform will be user-friendly but it will offer more services for the page viewers on a dynamic basis. No URL name is provided at this time but when the website is fully functional, all will be revealed.
We hope to have your patience and support through this transition and please continue to support the parish's activities throughout the Year of Bicentenary. May God Bless You! 

Brent Durham,
Parish Communications Officer

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