Sunday, 3 April 2016

Divine Mercy Sunday

O Blood and Water which gushed forth from the heart of Jesus as a fountain of Mercy for us, we trust in you!

Today we celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday, a day which Pope John Paul II (Now Saint John Paul II) declared when he canonized Sr. Faustina a saint. 
In his writings on Mercy, Pope John Paul described Divine Mercy as he answer to the world's problems and the message of the third millennium. When he canonized Sr. Marie Faustina Kowalska, the nun associated to the with the message of the Divine Mercy, he did it in Rome and not in Poland where Sr. Faustina was originally from because he knew that the Divine Mercy was for the whole world. When Pope John declared this day a feast day, he described it as "the happiest day of my life".
Today, the Divine Mercy is given as a gift for salvation for the whole world.
Jesus Christ himself appeared to Sr. Faustina as in the image above and instructed her to paint this image. The image denotes two rays shining from him heart which symbolizes the blood and water gushing from his heart onto the whole world for salvation. 

May the Divine Mercy of Christ make us more like him. 

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