Thursday, 28 March 2013

Easter Triduum

The Easter Triduum begins today (Holy Thursday) and ends on Gloria Saturday to commemorate the Death & Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  Holy Thursday:  The Last Supper where our Lord broke bread with his 12 apostles.

Good Friday : The Day our Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins. Even though the day has a very        solemn mood, it is also a day of victory.

Easter Sunday: After three days, Our Lord Jesus Christ comes out the tomb to mark the Resurrection. Gloria Saturday's liturgy is the celebration of Christ coming out the tomb.

Easter Triduum Schedule is as follows:
HOLY THURSDAY: Holy Mass at 6:30PM at St. Joseph R.C. Church. Please walk with a loaf of bread.
GOOD FRIDAY: Stations of the Cross at 6AM from the Church to Calvary Hill. Passion and Veneration of our Jesus Christ at 3PM in St. Joseph R.C. Church
GLORIA SATURDAY: Easter Vigil at 9PM in St. Joseph R.C. Church. Please walk with your candles.
EASTER SUNDAY: Holy Mass at 7AM in St. Jude's Chapel, Mt.D'or & 8:30AM at St. Joseph R.C. Church.

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