Saturday, 7 September 2013

Parish Notices for the 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

  1. The new R.C.I.A. program has begun. We meet on Friday evenings at 7pm in the Parish Hall. It is an open invitation to all adults 17 years and over who would like to complete their Christian Initiation, and persons desirous of being baptized or received into the Church.
  2. If you know someone who is sick and would like to receive holy communion, but is unable to attend Mass, please contact Parish Office, Karen Ramlogan or any Minister of Holy Communion.
  3. The Pre-Marriage program resumes on Wednesday 11th September.
  4. The confirmation programme will resume next Saturday, 14th September.
  5. Tickets for the two car raffle are still available. A book of 10 tickets plus 2 bonus tickets costs $100.00.
  6. Starting this Friday Sept. 13th, we resume Adoration and Holy Mass. Adoration from 5pm to 6pm and Mass at 6pm.
  7. Meeting of the Parish Council will take place Monday 16th September at 6.30pm. If you have any suggestions, petitions, ideas how to improve our parish life, please tell Father or Deacon Jeffrey.
  8. Msg. Robert Llanos will be ordained as Auxiliary Bishop of Port of Spain on the Saturday 14th of September at 9.30 am in Fatima Church, Curepe. All are invited. Let us surround him with prayers and our good will.
Blessings to ALL our parishioners this week!

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