Sunday, 22 December 2013

The Season of CHRISTmas

Welcome to the most festive season of the year. It is festive for many reasons; the house is freshly painted and clean, new curtains are now on display and the array of foods that we get to partake of is beyond exciting. It is also a time where we celebrate family and of course, shopping is the sole intention for many. But, we often forget the primary reason for the season. We get so caught up with the fun and excitement that we allow the fact that Christmas is about the Birth of a King. Not just A King, but THE King. Jesus Christ, born of a woman who is equally as important as her son is now amongst us and the angels call him 'Emmanuel' which means 'God with us'.
Let us better appreciate why Christmas is such an important season in our Christian lives. Without Christmas, we wouldn't have a King. A humble woman, chosen and fashion by God himself, was asked, through the Angel Gabriel, to bear a child that will be the 'Saviour of the World' and being as humble and obedient as she was, our Blessed Mother and Queen said that 'YES' to God and brought forth a saviour. And whilst bringing that saviour into this world, she and her betrothed, Joseph, experienced trials, as any ordinary family goes through, along the way.
'There is no room for them in the inn' were the words they heard all night from locals in Bethlehem. Just imagine saying 'No' to the mother of our King and our lives. Then Mary and Joseph found an inner manger and she gave birth.

Understand that this blessed couple was rejected and they had to travel in the cold, windy night until they found a resident for animals. So when we ponder on 'Where Jesus was born', Jesus was born in a manger. As oppose to the modern human race being born in a comfortable hospital or nursing home with impressive technologies. Who has the worst end of the stick? For someone to say, 'Jesus does not understand what we are going through' is an invalid statement to make. Jesus' life on earth was very simple and he came from humble backgrounds. His parents was and still is, humble beings. We are challenged season to season, to be more like Jesus, in that, as Jesus is humble, we too must live a humble life. It is hard, especially how we live in a very competitive world but 'Greater is HE that is in ME, than HE that is in the world'. We must stop making ourselves first priority and start thinking of others. Christmas should not ONLY be a time of giving, while the rest of the year we are complaining. If we say, with our own words that we are 'followers of Christ', let not that 'Love' be for a particular season but for ALL seasons. 

We must always remember one word, 'Emmanuel' - 'God with Us'. Jesus walks with us everyday, whether we know it or not. He does it because he wants to, not because he has to. Let us remember that during this season of Love and Joy, while we may be laughing and a having ourselves a merry time, there is always someone out there who needs that same love. Remember them through good deeds and even through prayer. Let us stop taking the 'CHRIST' out of 'CHRISTMAS' and as we journey through this Holy season, may we all embrace the Blessed Child that we call 'King'. 

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