Thursday, 12 December 2013

Year End Message from the Women's Ministry, Mt. D'or

It is always pleasurable for our women to get together under one umbrella to socialize and to partake of the season’s festivities.  Last weekend the Women’s Ministry (women empowering women) held their Annual Christmas Dinner.  This Dinner is opened to all who participated during the year in the sphere of sharing their gifts e.g. culinary, image enhancement; intercession; or talks.  Additionally the members all play their part in providing tokens for our guest speakers and a sharing after the sessions.
This year the leader of the group, Sandra Harricharan gave a synopsis of the year and the growth of the ministry since inception 4 years ago.  Testimonies were received by members especially Lynett Durham, Margaret Bajnath and Sandra Harricharan on the journeys of their loved ones who were ill.  The collaborative prayers from group members and fellow parishioners saw their speedy recoveries.  Gisele Durham shared the power of the presence of the Blessed Sacrament, particularly the invitation to prostrate in His presence.  The wonders of this experience are immeasurable to say the least.  She invited all to answer the call and to experience the awesomeness of the Lord through the Blessed Sacrament.
The Culinary skills of the members provided a delicious dinner for those present despite the inclement weather.  Nothing was left wanting after such a sumptuous meal.  The ladies outdid renowned caterers by ensuring that both the ambiance and sharing were worth the success and enjoyment of the evening.
Apart from the sharing of gifts, the food and ambiance, the opportunity was taken to recognise the worthy recipients of the parish.  Those persons were Mrs. Olliverie as the tireless person who without reservation conducts the novena to St Jude every Thursday at the Chapel.  Carol-Ann Villafana, Lay Minister and her willingness to be present when called upon to so do, Brent Durham as the all-rounder at the Chapel, the Communications Officer and as a youth who is inspired and has a love for the Lord.  Father Karol; Deacon Jeffrey and Sean Crepin were each recognised for their roles through the various activities planned by the Women’s Ministry and their encouragement to pursue despite the odds at times.

It cannot be emphasized more than it already has that the Women’s Ministry is not a Mt D’or group, the invitation is extended to all to come on the last Sunday of every month for an hour or so, dependent upon how the Spirit moves to experience the value of women empowering women through sharing of experiences; a platform for bringing hurts and leaving them at the Altar; the laying of hands upon those needing the power of the Lord; the inspirational talks by our guest speakers.  The hugs, joy, love and togetherness of the evening are tremendous that at the end, no one is left wanting. We propose in 2014 to include the husbands and by extension the family in different forums. So from January 26, 2014, this is your invitation to come and be a part of Women Empowering Women – you would not want to be left out.

-- Gisele Durham

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