Saturday, 8 February 2014

Chapter of the Polish Dominicans

49 delegates began a two-week sessions, during which they will wonder about the condition and task order in Poland and elect a new Provincial.

The Chapter began formally with a Mass in the Basilica of the Holy Trinity in Krakow on Monday in the chair. 9 Mass celebrated prior youngest monastery, Father Peter Ciuba from Katowice, preached the sermon Fr Paul Cossack, prior of the convent of Krakow .

The preacher drew the audience's attention on the biblical story of King David. " Why did the Israelites have chosen him to be king ? " - Asked about Cossack and replied, " Because he was of the same lineage , blood and tradition , and secondly because of the quite humanly he was a good commander , and thirdly because the Spirit of the Lord has anointed him ."

Prior Krakowski also spoke about the three lights on the starting chapter . “That we were able to justify the hope that is in us . Secondly, we aspired to what is above, not fearing the radicalism of the Gospel. And thirdly - we in the midst of the multitude of views sought unity , because internally divided house cannot stand " - cried about Cossack .

But before we began formally chapter, on Sunday evening has been called . Getting Started - delegates authentication . The three oldest brothers proved letter confirming the selection of each of them. Chosen as brothers tellers, those who are counting the votes in all the ballots . Also elected two registry clerk .

Both the chairman of the meeting , Fr Paul Cossack and scrutinizers and protokolanci , took an oath of secrecy.

Today, the agenda of the chapter will primarily report on the four-year term of the outgoing Provincial Superior Fr Krzysztof Poplawski and the debate over the form of governance.


    The chapter takes place in the hall on the third floor of the monastery. Therefore requires a pretty good physical condition brothers , especially that on the eve of the meeting broke up elevator , spare parts will be sent in two weeks !
    In previous chapters brothers voted by black or white balls thrown into the ballot box . White ball meant consent , black - opposition . (You can of course also abstain from voting ) . The current jury decided the electronic voting system , which will significantly speed up the decision making process .
    During this chapter are used wired microphones . Wireless microphones used in the previous chapter four years ago became famous for " stray " - at times , the broadcasting speeches brothers to the sound system of the church , in addition, during the church services .
    The chapter takes part 49 brothers. It is so najliczebniejsza chapter in the modern history of the Dominican Polish , and perhaps even the Dominicans in the world!


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