Sunday, 14 April 2013

Parish Notices for the 3rd Sunday of Easter

  1. On Saturday 20th of April there will be a meeting for all parents of the confirmation candidates at 10AM in the Church. Confirmation classes will resume on Saturday the 4th of May.
  2. Saturday the 4th of May is the next day for Infant Baptisms. Registration takes place on Monday afternoons in the Parish office at 5PM. Parents are asked to bring the child's birth paper when registering.
  3. A Reminder that the Parish Pastoral Council meeting will be held tomorrow- Monday the 15th April at 6pm. Members of the parish community are encouraged to participate by letting members of the council know of your concerns. This can also be done via Private Messages on the Facebook Page or via the parish email.
  4. On Sunday 14th of April at 12 Noon, Trinity TV Cable Channel 10 will be airing an edited verion of the St. Joseph Feast Day Mass.

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