Thursday, 6 March 2014

Additional Parish Lenten Activities

  1. Every Friday of Lent at 12 noon, there will be an Ecumenical Lenten Service at Holy Saviour Anglican Church, Curepe. All are welcomed! 
  2. On Friday March 7th to Sunday March 9th, there will be a Youth Lenten Retreat at the Emmaus Centre, Arima. Contact the parish office for more info! 
  3. Mass for the Sick and Shut-Ins is on Saturday 8th March @ 10am at St. Joseph. Extraordinary Ministers who take Holy Communion to the Sick, please make arrangements for these persons to attend this Mass.  And any communicant in need of transport, please contact Mrs. Karen Ramlogan (221-5232).
  4. On Tuesday April 8th at 6PM, Our Lady of the Rosary Charismatic Prayer Group will host a Lenten Healing Service. Preacher to be announced!

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