Saturday, 1 March 2014

Parish Notices for the 8th Sunday in Ordinary Time

  1. The new First Communion class begins next Saturday, March 8th @ 9am. 
  2. Mass for the Sick and Shut-Ins is on Saturday 8th March @ 10am at St. Joseph. Extraordinary Ministers who take Holy Communion to the Sick, please make arrangements for these persons to attend this Mass.  And any communicant in need of transport, please contact Mrs. Karen Ramlogan. 
  3. Premiere of the movie SON OF GOD. This special movie will be premiered on March 11th at all Movie Towne locations. Proceeds from this special showing will go toward the Cathedral Restoration Fund. For ticket info, please contact Fr. Karol or Deacon Jeffrey. Limited tickets are available. See notice board for further details. 
  4. The next meeting of the CCSJ: St Joseph/Mt.D'or Parish Group takes place this Saturday 8th March @ 4pm in the Parish Hall. Meetings will now be held on the second Saturday of every month. 
  5. The Feast of St. Joseph is just two weeks away - Sunday 16th March 2014. The procession will begin @ 9am from the church, to be followed by Holy Mass in the Park @ 9.30. After Mass, lots of entertainment and fun activities are planned for the whole family, as we gather to share each other’s company and share from our picnic basket. 
  6. Ash Wednesday: Masses at 6am and 6pm. Service for the schools @ 9am. Eucharistic Service @ 6pm St. Jude’s Chapel. 
  7. Time is drawing closer, a reminder to persons or families holding leases for burial plots in our churchyard private cemetery behind the church, and the King Street cemetery, to come in and have the said lease renewed, even if the lease is still valid. Please call the parish office to schedule an appointment before coming. 
 Blessings to ALL our parishioners this week!   

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