Saturday, 4 May 2013

Parish Notices for the 6th Sunday of Easter

  1. Reminder to all who have spots in our King Street cemetery. The last day for renewal of leases is Friday 17th May, 2013. Please call the Parish Office (662-2827) to schedule an appointment.
  2. The next meeting for the CCSJ, St. Joseph/Mt. D'or Parish Group will be on Sunday May 5th, 2013.
  3. Reminder to all leaders and coordinators to present reports from the activities and plans for the next year by Monday 6th May, 2013. This can be done by emailing your report to the parish's email address (
  4. Listening to the heart. In our parish we opened a counseling centre for those who need help from professional psycholigist. Two therapist volounteered their time and strength to those in need; But the need is much greater than we expected, so we need more people who would like to offer their time to help us in this beautiful ministry. If you can and would like to, please contact the parish priest.
  5. Now for the most important invitation - A Parish Pilgrimage to Laventille! See below for further details!
Blessings to ALL our Parishioners this week!

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