Friday, 10 May 2013

Sick and Shut-Ins Ministry

On Sunday 5th May 2013, Our Lady of the Rosary Charismatic Prayer Group visited three (3) Nursing Homes in the St. Joseph area – Assarion and J-Care Nursing Homes on Buena Vista Street and Angalesea Heights in Caiman Road, St. Joseph. The Prayer team included Jennifer & Natoya Edmund, Ina Jaggasar, Damien Sucre, Leanne & Reanne Nariensingh, Brent Durham, Sandra Harricharan, Lorna James, Lorencia Ballack, Deonis LaBorde, Ann Marie Renn and the coordinator of the Sick & Shut-ins Ministry, Karen Ramlogan. The format was the same for all three homes and the team worked according to how the Holy Spirit moved them. Each session began with Praise & Worship, then a short reflection on a scripture passage or a testimony, following a moment for ministry where each patient (and even the nurses & care-takers) were anointed and prayer with for various needs and while the patients were being ministered to, the Divine Mercy Chaplet was being recited. By morning’s end, ALL felt a spiritual euphoria, having done and experienced the work of the Lord! On behalf of the Prayer Team, the Nursing Homes and the Parish Priest, we extend our deep appreciation and God’s blessings to all our sick and shut-ins of the community!

Here are some photos that were taken from that day at Angalesea Heights Home

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