Saturday, 11 May 2013

Parish Notices for the Feast of the Ascension

  1. For the first time ever as a parish - as a community, family, we are going to the Laventille Devotions. 60 Parishioners are going tomorrow to give thanks to God for Mary our Mother and pray for intentions of our Mothers, community and country. We are leaving the Parish Car Park at 1PM. You can ask any member of the SVP Society if there are seats still available. Cost of transportation is $25.00.
  2. Something absolutely new and unheard of! As Christians we are divided, and it is our great sin against the will of God. In the Church we pray between Ascension and Pentecost for the unity between Christians. So on Friday May 17th at 6PM in St. Joseph R.C. Church, we will celebrate together with our Anglican brothers and sisters an Ecumencial Service. We are going to pray, listen to the word of God and a dialogue sermon preached by the Catholic & Anglican Minister and later, Lime! It is very important to have this new celebration in our parish. Let us come, welcome, as hosts, our Anglican guests and build bridges for the future.
  3. Reminder to all who have spots in our King street cemetery; the last day for renewal of leases is Friday May 17th, 2013. Please call the parish Office (662-2827) to schedule an appointment.
  4. Our Lady of the Rosary Charismatic Prayer Group will be hosting a Life in the Spirit Seminar beginning on Sunday June 2nd and continues every Sunday at 3PM in St. Joseph R.C. Church until July 28th. Please see any of the following prayer group members: Jennifer Edmund (St. Joseph) or Sandra Harricharan and Brent Durham (Mt. D'or).
 Blessings to ALL our Parishioners this week!

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