Saturday, 16 November 2013

Parish Notices for the 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

  1. Thank you for your generosity and hard work in preparation for our Bingo Parang Evening last Sunday.
  2. Sunday 8th December is the next grand parish event our “Christmas Dinner”. The venue: Auzonville Banquet Hall, Tunapuna. Tickets (Children under 12: $125.00, Adults: $180.00), are available from this weekend. At St. Jude’s – Merle, Carol-Ann, Michael. At St. Joseph – Mr. Smith, Marjorie Valere, Deacon Jeffrey.
  3. Healing of the Memory Service at St. Joseph, on Tuesday 26th November 6pm. Fr. George Lewis will preside to lead us in prayer and healing. More details next weekend.
  4. Many of you are familiar with the Divine Mercy Image, and venerate through it our Merciful Lord. Today we would like to ask you to begin an action of giving out this image to Non-Catholic family and friend. It is the wish of Jesus himself that the message of his mercy would reach everybody. After this holy mass, at the main entrance, you can purchase stickers with the image of the Divine Mercy and evangelize those who share your life.
  5. Next weekend we celebrate the Feast of Christ the Universal King. We will celebrate the first communion of the students of St. Xavier School. So there will be the third Sunday mass at 10.30 am. The first communion for the children prepared in the parish will take place on December 8th during 8.30 am mass. 
  6. Next weekend we celebrate the Feast of Christ the Universal King. And so the entire collection at Masses next weekend will go towards the Archbishop’s Appeal – Cathedral Restoration Fund. His Grace asked all, to please give generously
Blessings to ALL our parishioners this week!

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