Saturday, 23 November 2013

Parish Notices for the Feast of Christ the King

  1. This Sunday (Nov. 24th) children from St. Xavier Private School are going to receive their First Communion. Please pray for them and their families that they may always be in communion with the Lord. 
  2. This weekend’s collection collection goes entirely towards the Archbishop Appeal. Thank you for your generosity. 
  3. Sunday 8th December is the next grand parish event our “Christmas Dinner”. The venue: Auzonville Banquet Hall, Tunapuna. Tickets – Children under 12: $125.00, Adults: $180.00, are available from this weekend. At St. Jude’s – Merle, Carol-Ann, Michael. At St. Joseph – Mr. Smith, Marjorie Valere, Deacon Jeffrey. You are most welcome! 
  4. Healing of the Memory Service at St. Joseph, on Tuesday 26th November 6pm. Fr. George Lewis will preside to lead us in prayer and healing. More details next weekend. 
  5. This Sunday (Nov. 24th) there will be annual Christmas Dinner of the Women Empowerment Ministry at 5 pm in the Parish Hall. 
  6. This Sunday (Nov. 24th) at 5pm, there will be a lighting of the tree in the First Capital Park, with a parang concert. 
  7. The Santa Clause Parade (in support of the Grant – A – Wish Foundation will take place on Sunday Nov. 24th in Queens Park Savannah. The Parade will be blessed by Bishop Robert Llanos at 3PM opposite of the NAPA. 
  8. My Sweet Home – Charity Christmas Market in support of the St. Dominic’s Children Home will take place on Saturday, November the 30th between 10 am and 5 pm in Holy Name Convent Grounds. 
  9. Our St. Joseph Boys’ R.C. School will give a Christmas Concert next Saturday (30. November) at the UWI SPEC in St. Augustine at 4.30pm. Tickets cost $70.00. 
  10. We are organizing a pilgrimage to Poland from 20th of June until 6th of July. We will go from the south of Poland to the North, visiting religious centers, historical cities, beautiful monuments of the nature. We will be sting in four stars hotels and spa. The programme promises to be interesting (chosen by a person born and grown in Poland – Fr. Karol), the price not too high. More details will be given next week. For more information ask Fr. Karol.
Blessings to ALL our parishioners this week!

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  1. It is so unfortunate at this weekend's notices invited all to today's Women's Ministry Christmas Dinner. This is not correct as today's function will accommodate only members of the Women Ministry. The evening's program is inclusive for the members and invited guests only. In the new year we invite all to attend our meetings on the last Sunday of the month at St Jude's Chapel beginning at 4p.m. This is an invitation to all women to come and be empowered.